Step By Step Guide

Step by Step Guide to Equipment Distribution

Note: You can download a PDF of this information at the bottom of the page.

Step 1 – Get to the rink as early as possible

  • Equipment distribution date and time will be announced soon. There are quite a few Minor Hawk players that need to pick up equipment, get dressed, and get on the ice for practice. Therefore, getting to the rink early is good idea!

  • Your player should be dressed in something comfortable to wear under their hockey gear. A short or long sleeve t-shirt and shorts, long underwear, or PJ bottoms are good options. You do not want anything baggy, such as a sweatshirt or sweatpants. Your player will not get cold out on the ice, so don’t worry about bundling them up. Also, bring two pairs of socks in case your player’s skates are a tad big on them.

Step 2 – Pick up your gear bag and skates

  • You have a bag of equipment that has been assigned to you. Look for your player’s name on the bag and take that bag. There is a pair of skates in the bag. If they do not fit, take them to the “Skate exchange” station and get the correct size.

Step 3 – Put the gear on your player

  • Gear should be put on “from the bottom up”:

      • Shin guards → hockey socks (pulled on over shin guards) → pants

          • Apply some hockey tape around the socks and shin guards to keep them from falling down.

        • Skates – tie these as tightly as possible

        • Elbow pads → shoulder pads

        • Jersey → helmet → gloves

Step 4 – Get a stick

  • Make sure you put your player’s name on the stick with a Sharpie marker.

  • When you get home after the first practice, use a saw to cut the stick to the correct length. The butt end of the stick should hit right at the bottom of the chin (with skates on) or bottom of the nose (with skates off). Also, tape the blade and top end of the stick with hockey tape.

Step 5 – Do a final “check-out” with equipment manager

  • Return the signed “On-Loan Equipment” form.

Step 6 – Line up by the door to the ice. When the coaches give the word, get on the ice and have fun!

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